Course Schedule

Course Schedule

Use the link below to view the course schedule. It has checkboxes for all assignments so you can keep on track throughout the semester. We do not necessarily make direct announcements about all course assignments since all assignments are on the course schedule and in Canvas.

Download Course Schedule

A big key to being successful in this class is downloading that schedule and using those checkboxes.

Every Successful I101 Student, ever. (Probably.)

Lecture Sections

Lecture lasts 75 minutes and meet once a week.

Number Section Name Instructors
5843 Lecture M 02:30PM MO007 Nina & Logan
5724 Lecture M 04:00PM IF1106 Nina & Logan
2459 Lecture T 02:30PM ACC006 Nina & Logan
5844 Lecture T 04:00PM IF1106 Nina & Logan

Lab Sections

Labs lasts 75 minutes and meet twice a week.

Number Section Name Instructor Contact
5725 Lab MW 01:00PM IW109 Mack Email Mack via i101lab
5846 Lab MW 02:30PM IF1019 Email via i101lab
7807 Lab MW 02:30PM IW109 Amy Email Amy via i101lab
5848 Lab MW 05:45PM IF0006 Madeline Email Madeline via i101lab
7640 Lab MW 05:45PM IW109 Maggie Email Maggie via i101lab
5845 Lab MW 07:15PM IF1019 Zain Email Zain via i101lab
8836 Lab MW 08:00AM GY226 Jordan Email Jordan via i101lab
8839 Lab MW 09:30AM GY226 Sophie Email Sophie via i101lab
8835 Lab MW 09:30AM IF1019 Drake Email Drake via i101lab
12982 Lab MW 11:15AM IF0006 Ashlee Email Ashlee via i101lab
8845 Lab MW 11:15AM IW109 Jose Email Jose via i101lab
7809 Lab TR 01:00PM HH4055 Matt Email Matt via i101lab
2460 Lab TR 01:00PM PV151 Christian Email Christian via i101lab
7811 Lab TR 02:30PM IW109 Jacob Email Jacob via i101lab
8843 Lab TR 02:30PM LI503 Zach Email Zach via i101lab
5847 Lab TR 04:00PM PV151 Jacob Email Jacob via i101lab
8844 Lab TR 04:00PM SB221 Logan Email Logan via i101lab
2461 Lab TR 04:00PM SB230 Isaiah Email Isaiah via i101lab
8841 Lab TR 08:00AM GY226 Ali Email Ali via i101lab
8838 Lab TR 09:30AM IF1019 Mack Email Mack via i101lab
8840 Lab TR 09:30AM IW109 Aaron Email Aaron via i101lab
8837 Lab TR 11:15AM GY226 Austin Email Austin via i101lab
8842 Lab TR 11:15AM HH4055 Christopher Email Christopher via i101lab
4886 Lab TR 11:15AM IF0006 Maggie Email Maggie via i101lab