Who teaches the course?

This course is lectured and supervised by Informatics Faculty Instructors and our labs are taught by a small army of experienced, passionate Undergraduate Instructors (UI).

You can find information on most of us below.

Faculty Instructors

The faculty instructors are responsible for course content, administration, and management.

Nina Onesti
Senior Lecturer

Nina is a Senior Lecturer in Informatics. Nina received her BS in Criminal Justice from IU Bloomington and her MS in Human-Computer Interction from IU Bloomington.

In addition to her teaching, Nina is working on an MS in Counseling and enjoy live music.


Graduate Course Coordinators

Our Graduate Course Coordinators assist the Faculty Instructors with course administration, undergraduate instructor management, and revising course materials. If you receive an email from a Graduate Course Coordinator, you should treat it like an email from a Faculty Course Instructor!

Shelby Stephens
Graduate Course Coordinator

Shelby received her BS in Something from Somewhere and is currently working towards her MS in Human-Computer Interaction.



Because of the course size, Faculty Instructors are unable to provide recomendation letters and references in most cases. Your Undergraduate Instructor is definitely allowed to provide a recomendation for you - just ask them nicely!

Undergraduate Instructors

Undergraduate Instructors (UI) lead lab sections, help at study sessions, grade for their lab students, and help to make your course experience successful.

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